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2014 Shanghai Food Processing Technology and Equipment Exhibition opened on June 26th

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2014 Shanghai Food Processing Technology and Equipment Exhibition will be held at the N4 Hall of Shanghai New International Expo Center from June 26th to 28th, 2014. The exhibition will showcase the latest technology and equipment in the field of domestic food and beverage processing, packaging, generalization and testing.

Shanghai Jimei display of sterile liquid flexible packaging machine, roof-type carton filling machine, sterilization machine, Shanghai Jiadi machinery display all kinds of dairy products, mustard, fruit and vegetable drinks, tea beverage complete sets of processing equipment; Hunan powder master introduced new rice noodle Machinery, a comprehensive display of the latest domestic food and beverage processing machinery level, innovation continues, is the majority of dairy, beverages, canned and other enterprises of choice for products.

June 26: ExpoFoodTec 2014 is about to kick off

Many of the packaging machinery enterprises to show the automatic number of packaging production lines, multi-column screw bag, light inspection tag into the box and packing a series of automation equipment, Shenyang Xin Song robot, Shanghai Wodi automation show the most advanced robot intelligence Equipment, for the pharmaceutical, candy, food, health care products and other industries to provide a complete packaging, transportation automation solutions.

Another highlight of the show is the leading dry mixing equipment, such as Jiangsu Pioneer, the Yangtze River, the sun, the new ho dragon, radius, health up, group music, Shuangfei, Su Li, Tianma, Wei extension, Yongchang, Zhu Big, Shennong, Sheng Jiong, Rui Xintai, Changzhou second, Long Yi will bring the latest products debut, showing a horse full of Pentium, crowded the huge momentum.

In addition, food safety testing technology is also improving, new products out. ATAGO, Duo Electronics, crest Electronics, Diao Biology, Yate Magnetic Industry, Shanghai Fiber Inspection, Chao Xun Technology, Ye Ding identification technology and other enterprises, from the photoelectric, molecular, metal, allergens, weight, foreign body And so on all-round display testing technology and equipment for food, medicine, beverage, dairy industry to provide a comprehensive search for a comprehensive solution.

During the exhibition, ExpoFoodTec2014 launched a series of exhibitors can participate in the activities of the meeting. Mr. Ma Zhiying, Technical Director of Shanghai Food Research Institute, Mr. Gong Guangyu, Deputy Director of Dairy Research Institute of Guangming Dairy Co., Ltd. and other senior leaders of industry, experts and leaders of academic institutions and professors will jointly exchange meetings at this exhibition.

The food safety forum will be: dairy safety technology and industrial development; food safety and processing technology innovation; food safety detection technology and application, three major themes to carry out, in-depth topics, technical exchanges. The workshop on food safety and sustainable development will be expanded in macro policy and market development and technological innovation - green, clean, energy saving and recycling. The Ringier Innovation Award Technology Seminar will also invite some of the winning companies to share new technologies for everyone. Finally, there will be a exhibitor technical exchange, will arrange exhibitors for everyone on their own industry within the new technology to communicate and share with you.

In the same period, "World Pharmaceutical Raw Materials China Exhibition" (CPHI), "Asian Food Ingredients" (FIAC), "Ninth Pesticide Machinery, Packaging Equipment and Materials China Exhibition" (P-MEC), "China International Health and Nutrition and Health Products Exhibition "," Shanghai International Starch and Derivatives Exhibition ", the total exhibition area of nearly 200,000 square meters, more than 3,000 exhibitors, food, beverages, dairy, candy, food raw materials, Health nutrition, food machinery and other industries procurement trade, cooperation and exchange of the annual event.

About Shanghai Bohua International Exhibition Company

Shanghai Bohua International Exhibition Co., Ltd. is a London-based listed company UBMplc Group in China"s Sino-foreign cooperative enterprises. Shanghai Bohua currently hosts six major series of exhibitions each year: HDD (hotel, shopping mall, building materials / bathroom, decoration / design, lighting, hotel furniture, food / beverage); clean; yacht and lifestyle; raw materials (pharmaceutical raw materials / food Raw materials); furniture (furniture / equipment and raw and auxiliary materials); wine and spirits in a number of areas involving a total of 34 international exhibition activities, the total exhibition area of 700,000 square meters, and has 6 B2B website and 2 professional Publications, attracting a large number of companies at home and abroad to come to the exhibition and buyers come to discuss and purchase.

Source: China Food Machinery Equipment Network

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