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Generic drug industry in 2015 the size of the market or 500 billion

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Last week, the world"s leading health care research firm - Evaluate Pharm released a statistical report that in 2014 to 2020, 7 years, there will be 259 billion US dollars of drugs facing the risk of patent expiration, which is expected to have 46% of the market share will be eroded by generic drugs.

Securities Times reporter found through the search, 2016 to 2027 patent expired cancer drugs, in addition to the listed, domestic enterprises are waiting for approval of lenalidomide, abitron, erlotinib, sunitinib , Sorafenib, lapatinib and other six varieties. Among them, Cologne Pharmaceutical (002422) declared three of them.

Analysts said that today, with a large number of foreign patent drugs expired, domestic policies tend to loose, the Chinese generic industry is ushering in an unprecedented "opportunity", by 2015 the size of the market may be close to 500 billion yuan.

Insiders pointed out that the current world drug market is only an average annual growth rate of 4% to 5%, but the generic and biotechnology industry has come to the fore, are respectively an average of 11% and 10% growth to lead the global industry sustainable The development of the vitality of the plate, but also to stimulate a new market - biosimilars industry.

At present, China has been able to produce some biosimilars, in the approved listing of 13 categories of 25 382 different specifications of genetic engineering drugs and genetic engineering vaccine products, there are 6 categories of 9 21 specifications of the product is original, the rest Belong to imitation.

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