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Food and drug regulation grid regulation full coverage

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Food and Drug Administration Wuqing Branch closely around the core of "safety supervision", since the second half of 2010, the implementation of "grid regulation" new model to implement the scientific supervision as the goal, to innovative means of supervision as a means to Build a dynamic monitoring platform as the basis, to integrate regulatory resources, regulate the regulatory procedures as the focus, fully extend the regulatory network, the formation of points, lines, full coverage of the regulatory network structure, to achieve regulatory areas without blind spots, regulatory links without fault, regulatory task Omission, supervision work efficiency, high standards, high quality, supervision work reached five 100%, namely: pharmaceutical production, business enterprises to check the annual coverage of 100%; medical institutions at all levels of inspection coverage reached 100% ; Key units of drug supervision and inspection coverage of 100%; illegal drug advertising monitoring coverage of 100%; adverse drug reactions and medical equipment adverse events monitoring 100%. The establishment of a scientific, standardized and efficient long-term mechanism for drug market regulation, to create an effective management system for grass-roots supervision, effective crack the regulatory problems, break through the bottleneck of supervision, supervision of the implementation of the work.

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