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Warm congratulations: I am the United States FESTO (Festo) products - China gold medal agent

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Festo (China) Co., Ltd. is FestoAG & Co-KG in 1993 in mainland China set up wholly-owned subsidiary. Company in June 2000 in Shanghai Pudong Jinqiao Export Processing Zone built the first production base; Shanghai headquarters has a large warehouse, customers can supply in a timely manner.

Festo is the world"s first pneumatic industry through the ISO9001 certification of enterprises. Festo"s brand quality includes many aspects, mainly in the intelligent and easy to operate product design, long life products, long-term efficiency optimization and global and all-day service; Festo (China) Co., Ltd. in China Pneumatic Industry has a pivotal position, its excellent product quality, excellent problem-solving ability and perfect service by the customer trust.

I professional company sales Festuo series of products, product quality assurance, price advantage, prompt delivery, professional technical support and after-sales service worthy of your trust!

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