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Warmly celebrate: my company successfully passed the quality management system certification

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Our company has always been on the work of the quality management system to be very high attention, according to the plan for internal audit, management review activities to improve the management system in the operation of the lack of corrective measures to find the corrective measures, so that the quality management system Maintain a self-improvement ability, to ensure the quality policy and quality objectives to achieve the ability. The quality management system and the survival of enterprises organically integrated, symbiotic coexistence, mutual cooperation and common promotion, and effectively meet the customer requirements, applicable to the laws and regulations of the system certification purposes and significance. China"s new era of certification audit to promote my company better quality management into the production and good continuous operation. Therefore, the quality management system for our company is no longer bound to manage the production of the rules, the standard is no longer the shelves of the furnishings, but to support enterprises in the steady progress, scientific production of the skeleton, has become the company"s economic development, occupation The advantages of the market protection.

      Our company will take the system certification audit as an opportunity to continuously improve the management level, and strive to improve efficiency, reduce costs, provide quality products and services, enhance customer satisfaction, so as to continuously expand the market share and future long-term development Strong protection.

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