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Stainless steel mirrors

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Product Name: Stainless steel sight glass _ fast mounted through the mirror

Product Description:

Overview: Applies to pipes, equipment, equipment, important accessories.

Scientific name: through sight glass

Alias: pipe mirror, quick mounted mirror, flow watcher, water flow mirror, flow indicator. Flow indicator

The working principle of direct sight glass and its related knowledge

Installation of small size, and the drive torque is small, easy to operate, fast, and also has a good flow adjustment function and close the sealing characteristics, the mirror in the large diameter, low pressure in the field of use, it is the dominant form of the mirror.

Uses: through sight glass can be used for high temperature, corrosive, easy to poison, the greater risk, easy to crystallize the chemical tower, to ensure its safe production.

Structure: through sight glass mainly by the mirror floor, mirror glass, valve components and other components.

product manual:

Urea production process, in the low-voltage tower with the mirror, due to the high temperature, strong corrosion characteristics of the liquid, likely to cause damage to the glass mirror, mirror mirror deformation, and in the installation of glass mirror process , Sometimes due to uneven force, easy to cause glass mirror glass rupture. If not found in time, after the car must be leaked, then you must system-wide parking for hot wash replacement. This not only to the system long-term safe operation of the difficulties, but also seriously affect the efficiency of urea production.

According to the characteristics of the liquid in the process of urea production, the characteristics of the liquid are easily crystallized by the temperature. Combining with the characteristics of various types of shut-off valves and thermostats, after long-term observation, groping and thinking, the use of the mirror floor is designed as the valve body, Into the liquid at the entrance of a valve to control the mirror in the floor to install the glass mirror level gauge, around the insulation steam insulation to prevent the liquid cooling crystallization of the formation of false liquid level. The mirror bottom plate is welded to the tower container, and the heat of the tower body is used to raise the temperature of the mirror bottom to further prevent the liquid from crystallizing. If the mirror leak or mirror glass damage, you can first close the bottom of the valve, so that both do not stop to replace the purpose of glass mirror, but also to ensure the normal production, and the operator"s personal safety and working environment Security has also been guaranteed. Fertilizer plant in the fertilizer plant in the urea pre-distillation tower on the test, a successful, to fill the field of controllable insulation mirror blank.

The sight glass has the following structural features:

⑴ using J44W-220R DN15 high pressure cut-off valve form, tapered seal, PTFE packing seal.

⑵ valve cover and the valve body has a bolt connection, easy disassembly.

⑶ valve and stem for the overall structure, the valve body cavity flow channel smooth, to prevent false liquid level.

⑷ integral valve body, double stem structure, the appearance of reasonable layout.

⑸ body can pass through the steam insulation, as the media insulation, to prevent the liquid crystal.

⑹ valve body and tower containers welding, improve the body temperature, the second to prevent the liquid crystal.

Installation of the use of controllable insulation glasses need to pay attention to the problem:

⑴ improve the material of the lens gasket. The use of corrosion-resistant, anti-aging, high temperature of the PTFE plate, the installation, the sealing surface and gasket should be visual inspection, no radial groove and scratches and other defects, the gasket should be installed flat, Do not have skew or center offset, and good contact to meet the requirements.

⑵ strengthen the management of the production process indicators. Strict control of the pre-distillation tower outlet temperature of 120 ℃, the pressure of 1.765MPa, a suction tower outlet temperature ≤ 46 ℃, pressure 1.765MPa, to prevent over-temperature overpressure.

Product parameters:

1, shell material: carbon steel, stainless steel, glass steel, carbon steel lining fluorine.

2, window material: soda lime glass, boronized glass, quartz glass, plexiglass.

3, sealing material: nitrile rubber, polytetrafluoroethylene, graphite composite.

4, work pressure (Mpa): PN0.6 ~ 2.5, if the customer has a higher pressure requirements, can be customized.

5, the working temperature: 0 ℃ ~ +250 ℃; 0 ℃ ~ +800 ℃.

6, flange standard: JB / T81-94, other flange standard, please specify: such as HG, ANSI, ASME, HGJ, DIN, JIS and so on.

User Note:

1, mirror installation - welding flange pieces will be smooth and no damage, the operation by professionals.

2, the mirror lens installation - sure that the mirror seat is smooth, the lens and the lens seat between the sealing gasket installed flat, the gasket is not damaged and non-stick grease, in the fastening screws before the mirror and cover to install the correct , Then slowly tighten the screws.

3, the mirror must be within the allowable pressure range, otherwise it can not guarantee safe operation.

Temperature range: soda lime glass maximum allowable temperature of 150 ℃, the temperature of the rapid range of 120 ℃ to 20 ℃.

The maximum permissible temperature of the boronized silicon glass is 280 ° C and the abrupt change in temperature ranges from 230 ° C to 20 ° C.

The maximum permissible temperature of the quartz glass is 800 ° C and the abrupt change in temperature ranges from 500 ° C to 20 ° C.

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